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    * Night rate shopped over a 6 months period

    20 great things to do in Dublin
    1. Experience Dublin as the locals do
    2. Sip a perfect pint at Kehoe's
    3. Brush with royalty at the Dublin Castle
    4. Warm up with some Irish stew at the Porterhouse
    5. Join the St Patrick's Day parade
    6. Stroll around peaceful Trinity College
    7. Dine in style at Peploe's
    8. Get inspired at the Science Gallery
    9. Watch the Six Nations Rugby tournament
    10. Savour delicious seafood at Aqua
    11. Catch some traditional Irish sounds at the Cobblestone
    12. Discover a well-kept secret at the Cake Café
    13. Stroll through the Dubh Linn Gardens
    14. Get arty at the Dublin Fringe Festival
    15. Lunch at Dunne & Crescenzi
    16. Drink excellent espresso at the Bald Barista


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    17. Style up your wardrobe
    18. Eat stellar food in Chapter One
    19. Get lost in music at Andrew's Lane
    20. Sink your teeth into a burger at Bobo's


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