About us ?


Our objective is to help customers find day use hotel rooms. This search should be simple, fast and discreet. Our hotel portfolio is large and includes all types of hotels and different offers.

Our customers always find what they are looking for. Enjoy great deals with cheap rates for many different daytime offers. Comfort, luxury, simplicity, originality, from 2 to 5 stars, you decide ! Book online and, pay upon check-in, with no booking fees.

Develop our offers. Let each client find the hotel that suits them in whatever city they want.

Allow you to find day use hotels all over the world.


The “day use" market is growing. SoRoom enables hoteliers to position themselves in this market and helps them improve the economic performance of their establishments.

We offer you a valuable opportunity. We allow you visibility on our website.

Develop SoRoom internationally in more than 20 different countries.

Our team

We are a team made up of hotel and web professionals. We combine our know-how and skills to develop new services for hoteliers and their customers.

Thibaut: Founder of SoRoom

♛ On the lookout for growth levers♛

François: Category Manager

♞Available for clients and for hotels♞

Nathie: Content Manager

♟Creator of unique content for hotels♟

Cyrill: Graphism Strategist

♝For an ever-more aesthetic site♝

Kevin: Web Master

♜Improves your customer experience on the site♜

Camille: Trafic manager

♚Allows you to find the best offer♚



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