Toronto find the perfect daycation

Best hôtels in day use in Toronto

Hotel by day is a new concept that allows you to travel inexpensively in Toronto and catch some sleep. For work, leisure or pleasure (often combined). Hotel by day is the hotel of tomorrow, a time for relaxation room service, jacuzzi, gym fitness pool and much more .... or simply far from home ... to rest and be quiet.

How to book a hotel for the day ? Wy would I need a short stay hotel? Will the hotel charge me the full night price? Day booking hotels allow you to recharge with a nap, work, take a daycation or just relax at a hotel by day. Micro stays hotels offer significant discounted prices that can go up to 70% off the night price for a few hours during the day. Our day use room hotels are in Paris, Geneva, Brussels, NYC, Dublin, Montreal, San Fransisco and Abu Dhabi.They all provide the opportunity for same day check in & check out, making your daystay easier.

Daycation ? What is it ?

Booking a day room is easy and day stay hotels give you a room for day use and help you save money too. Daystay‘s allow you same day check in & check out, so that you can book a room for the day or hotel by the hour for business or leisure. Many daytime hotels or micro-stay hotel deals offer rates that are 80% cheaper than night rates. You may be booking a day room, for day use, to catch up on some sleep, to use the spa or wifi facilities or to relax and refresh before an evening out or business function.

What to do in Toronto?

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the capital of Ontario. Toronto is a global city; the banking, financial, commercial and artistic center of Canadian English and one of the most multicultural and international metropolises in the world. The reputation of the city of Toronto is well-known. Bubbling, lively and multicultural, it also benefits from the ideal environment planted on the shores of Lake Ontario, making it one of the most attractive cities in the world. Immerse yourself in the exciting life of this modern city! The city of Toronto is indeed known for its rich artistic and cultural life: venues full of fashion, world-famous exhibition halls, museums and galleries, especially in the entertainment district, where you will find the Royal Museum of Ontario and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

As the area is said to host nearly 200 professional companies, the theater is also very eye-catching, putting on 10,000 performances within a year. Canadian record! Various events and festivals take place throughout the year (Toronto Street Festival, Winter Folk Blues and Root Music Festival, Children's Day, etc.), and some events sweep the city of Toronto through street theater and concerts. It is said that the city has almost 70 cultures and speaks almost 100 different languages. The broadly flexible national immigration policy has enabled thousands of people from all walks of life to settle in Canada. You just have to walk down the street and listen to recognize this.