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Where to find a day use hotel in Dubai ?

Dubai is a city and emirate of the United Arab Emirates renowned for its luxury shopping, state-of-the-art architecture and vibrant nightlife.

The Bur Khalifa tower is more than 830 meters high. It dominates an urban landscape filled with skyscrapers. You will find the Dubai fountain below, which combines water jets, lights and music in perfect synchronization.
Dubai is a city spanning a mile and a half where anything seems possible. Entrepreneurs, decorators and architects come from all over the world to offer their ideas and can sometimes even forget the environment by creating ski resorts in the middle of the desert, the tallest tower in the world, artificial islands in the shape of planets, hotel submarines or restaurants as far as the eye can see....

The weather in Dubai is mostly sunny, rain is very rare there.
Do not forget to try the culinary specialties of Dubai in order to better understand the life of Dubaiotes. Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine is very similar; it still has typical dishes like samak, but also more common dishes like tagine, keftas etc ...

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Satwa District, Al Seef, The Tallest Block of Dubai Marina, The Sustainable City, International City.