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What does day use mean?

The term day use is commonly used by hotels all over the world to refer to a customer that will use a room only for a few hours during the day. 

For a long time, such bookings were handled manually at the front desk. 

Now SoRoom allows customers to book a day use hotel all over the world in a much easier way:

Few clicks          No credit card required           Free cancellation

Day stays allow you same-day check-in & check-out, so that you can book a room for the day or a
hotel by the hour for business or leisure. Many daytime hotels or micro-stay hotel deals offer rates that are 80% cheaper than night rates.

You may be booking a day room for day use, for a specific time slot during your day, to use the spa or wifi facilities, or to relax and refresh before an evening out or business function.

Day stay hotels, hourly hotels or short stay hotels allow customers a mirco-stay with cheap rooms in great locations around London, Paris, Geneva and Brussels.

We will give you the space you need in the heart of the city at a fraction of the cost. Day booking hotel rooms are a popular choice for busy business or leisure travelers who want to make the most of their time.