Book your hotel for the afternoon only? Why?

Because now, you can pay only for the time you need the room for. We offer fair prices for any kind of dayuse hotel room.
If you stay at the hotel only for the morning or the afternoonwhy pay for the whole day? Save when paying your hotel with our cheap time slots.
Last minute bookings are allowed for all our micro stay hotels. Cancellation is free and no credit card is required for booking. Hotels by day adapt to your schedules, now you can decide the check-in time. Your stay will start counting from this hour forward. We don’t want you to wait for hours and hours in the airport when you have a scale or your flight is delayed.

Now you can rest in a comfortable bed in the various hotels accross european airports. Our hotels are close to: Train Stations, hospitals, soccer / football fields, concerts falls and more.

Day use hotels are available in England, Belgium, Switzerland, United States, Luxembourg and France.

Day stay hotels, afternoon hotels or short stay hotels allow customers a mirco-stay with cheap rooms in great locations around LondonParisGeneva and Brussels. We will give you the space you need in the heart of the city at a fraction of the cost. Day booking hotel rooms are a popular choice for busy business or leisure travelers who want to make the most of their time.