Porto: find the perfect daycation

Best place to get a dayuse in Porto

A private room with a cosy double bed, a well-equipped bathroom, and direct access to the pool. Ideal for a romantic moment, or simply to relax. Our dayuse hotel rooms are perfect for those who want to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a hotel, without impacting their travel budget.

A hotel during the day ? What for ?

Hotel by day is a new concept that allows you to travel the world at a lower cost and get a good night's sleep. For work, leisure or entertainment (usually used in combination). The day hotel is the hotel of tomorrow, a moment of relaxation: room service, jacuzzi, gym, swimming pool, etc... or simply away from home... rest and quiet. How to book the hotel for the day? Why do I need a short-term hotel? Will the hotel charge me for the whole night? Booking a day hotel allows you to recharge your batteries by taking a nap, working, vacationing or relaxing at the hotel. Micro-hotels offer drastically reduced prices, up to 70% of the nightly rate for a few hours of the day.Day use ? What is it ?

Booking a day room is easy and day hotels offer you a room for day use and also help you save money. Daystay allows you to check in and pay the same day, so you can book a room for the day or a hotel by the hour for business or leisure. Many daystay hotels or micro-stay deals offer 80% cheaper rates than overnight rates. You can book a day room, for daytime use, to catch up on some sleep, to use the spa or wifi facilities, or to relax and refresh before a party or business meeting. Porto or Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal and one of the main urban areas of the Iberian Peninsula. It is recognized as a world city with a Gamma+ rating from the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.