Luxembourg: Book hotels room during the day

Best dayuse hotels in Luxembourg

A clean and well-lit room with a double bed for a purposeful for leisure or short work hours, day use hotel is the only place that will focus on your privacy. Our hotels during the day are exactly what you need !Our hotels are perfect for a quick stay before an important meeting, or a short stay of passion with someone special. Whether you are planning a romantic evening in the city, or just need a place to sleep before you hit the road, we have the right room for you.

Daycation ? Dayuse ? What is it ?

You may often enjoy a long day in a city far from home and thus need to book a day room and have a place to stay. In these inexpensive day use hotels, you will feel as comfortable as in any hotel, and you will appreciate the quality of the service. Booking requires no credit card and cancelling is free. Is it possible to book a hotel room for a few hours ? Yes it is possible thanks to SoRoom. Whether you want a room for 1, 2 or 3 hours, you will doubtlessly find the day use hotel you need on SoRoom.

What to do in Luxembourg

The French phrase « 5 à 7 » describes a romantic date just for a few hours. So Room offers discreet and cozy hotels located everywhere to allow you to take a break, alone or accompanied. Our hotels are located close to highway exits and rest areas. Some people prefer to travel by night and have rest during the day to avoid traffic jams.
As France is a small country, it is easy to go to another city just for the day or even just for the after-noon. You may need to travel for different reasons : going to a job interview, visiting a friend, discovering a new city or meeting your beloved companion. You can book a day room in some luxury hotels, which allows you to enjoy a room that would usually cost hundreds of euros for the night and pay only 100 euros for day use only. For a couple of lovers, meeting in a romantic hotel for a few hours will offert them a wonderful memory.

Choose your options to make the moment unforgetable

Secure parking, champagne, jacuzzi, chocolate box, flowers and more ...

One day with SoRoom

Sophie comes to work every week. She has 2 meetings in the city center, one at lunch time and the other one at the end of the after-noon. Sophie doesn’t want to wait in a cafe for hours, so she decides to book a hotel room during the day, that is to say in day use, in order to work peacefully. The day use hotel she has chosen is cheap and offers a car park and a swimmingpool. On top of that, her company pays for the day bedroom. What else could she ask for ?