Switzerland Dayuse: Book cheap Day Rooms & hotels by the hour -75%

Switzerland Dayuse: Book cheap Day Rooms & hotels by the hour -75%

Book a day use hotel in Switzerland, especially near Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich,Basel and Bern.

Whether you're just visiting or moving to Switzerland, there are many top Swiss attractions. Visit these top 10 places in Switzerland to experience the best of Switzerland's tourism. Switzerland may be a small country but their tourism is anything but miniscule. Soaring Alps and glaciers dominate the top Swiss places to visit –  there are more than 200 peaks higher than 3,000m – alongside Switzerland's bucolic countryside, ancient castles, clear turquoise lakes and breathtaking mountain peaks in every direction. The top Swiss foods make travelling around Switzerland a regional surprise, and once you learn the top Swiss facts, it's easy to see that this tiny country has a lot to offer.

Those who want to experience this European gem will have no shortage of finding places to visit in Switzerland, and will feel safe travelling in this low-crime rate country, although a list of Swiss emergency numbers is always handy. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Switzerland to experience the best of Switzlerland's tourism.

1. Matterhorn, Zermatt, 2. Chateau de Chillon, Montreux, 3. The Jungfrau Region, 4. Swiss National Park, Zernez, 5. Lake Geneva and surrounding cities, 6. Lugano, 7. Bern, 8. Lucerne, 9. The Rhine Falls, 10. Zurich

Would you like to have a daycation? Booking a day room is easy and day stay hotels give you a room for day use while saving your money.

You may be booking a day room, for day use, to catch up on some sleep, to use the spa or wifi facilities or to relax and refresh before an evening out or business function. Day stay hotels, hourly hotels or short stay hotels allow customers a mirco-stay with cheap rooms in great locations around Geneva airport , train and city) Lausanne, Carouge, Santigny, Basel, Zurick. We will give you the space you need in the heart of the city at a fraction of the cost. Day booking hotel rooms are a popular choice for busy business or leisure travelers who want to make the most of their time.

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