Bored of waiting at the airport ?

Book your hotel only for the hours you really need it for. Why? Because now, you can pay only for the hours you need the room for. We offer fair prices for any kind of dayuse hotel room.

If you stay at the hotel only for a few hours, why pay for the whole day? Save money on your hotel with our cheap time slots.

Last-minute bookings are allowed for all our micro stay hotels. Cancellation is free and no credit card is required for booking. Hotels by day adapt to your schedule; now you can decide the check-in time. Your stay will start counting from this hour forward. We don’t want you to wait for hours and hours at the airport when your flight is delayed. Now you can rest in a comfortable bed in the various hotels accross european airports. Our hotels are close to train stations, hospitals, soccer/football fields, concerts halls and more.

Day use hotels are available in London, Brussels, Geneva, New York,  Los Angeles, Chicago Abu Dabhi, Paris, Nice, Bordeaux…


How to book a hotel for the day? Why would I need a short stay hotel? Will the hotel charge me for the full night price?

Day booking hotels allow you to recharge with a nap, enjoy auiet time to work, take a daycation or just relax at a hotel for the day. Micro stay hotels offer significantly discounted prices that can go up to 70% off the night price for a few hours during the day.

They all provide the opportunity for same day check-in & check-out, making your daystay easier.

Day stays allow you same-day check-in & check-out, so that you can book a room for the day or a hotel by the hour for business or leisure. Many daytime hotels or micro-stay hotel deals offer rates that are 80% cheaper than night rates. You may be booking a day room for day use, for a specific time slot during your day, to use the spa or wifi facilities, or to relax and refresh before an evening out or business function.