How to use your extranet access ? 

This extranet is a simple tool easy to handle.

What to do with the dashboard ?

Dashboard tab: This tab allows you to quickly update your So room offers. The news allows you to stay informed. 

The evolution of the turnover gives you an indication of the productivity of your hotel, the latest bookings as well as the offers available.

How to create your offer ?

Products & Options tab : This tab allows you to view / modify / add available offers.

  • To modify an offer, you just need to click on the pencil to the right. (Name of the offer has to ALWAYS BE KEPT IN THE FORMAT as “Day Room – From Xam to Xpm – Double”, descriptions, quantities available, photos and equipment)
  • To add an offer, you just have to click on the “add” button at the top right and fill in the requested information.
  • You can duplicate an offer and just change the time slots by clicking on the purple button next to the recycle bin.

How to add options ?

Options tab: allows you to add options that will be linked to the selected products. You define the options available to your hotel

Ex: Champage, meals, jacuzzi, spa, hammam, romantic decorations etc…

How open and close your planning ?

Schedule tab:By clicking on the calendar you can manage your availability and prices

– The “Day by Day planning” tab allows you to close sales and modify rates on a specific date (short-term closure ex: Two days) 

You just need to set the initial stock to 0. It saves automatically.

– The “update by period” tab allows you to modify rates, close availability over a long period (eg: 1 week, 1 month). 

To do this, all you have to do is defining the period in the calendar, select the days, then make the modification in the table just below (Boxes to be filled in: Price and/or Initial stock)

How to handle a booking ?

Booking tab:List of all reservations with email addresses and booking dates.

– This tab allows you to cancel reservations if the hotel is closed or for other reasons such as No Show.

Manage your company description ?

The Establishment: tab allows you to make changes to the description of your establishment, photos, address and phone number. Other additional information are available such as the number of stars, the number of rooms, amenities etc…

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We wish you a lot of bookings !